This ‘Game of Thrones’ castle is on the market

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The “Game of Thrones” HBO series may be coming to an end, but you can own a piece of it forever. The Riverrun Castle from the show — known as the Gosford Castle in real life — is up for sale.

The castle serves as the former seat of House Tully, now occupied by House Frey in the show, but in actuality, it’s a property in Northern Ireland that dates back to the mid-1800s. According to the real estate listing from the Maison Real Estate company, it was built by the Earl of Gosford, Archibald Acheson, and was occupied by the Gosford family until 1921.

Obviously, it holds quite a bit of history, as it also served as a prisoner of war camp after being commandeered in World War II. As recently as 1983, the property was the site of a hotel before it underwent a restoration process in 2006.

The restoration had a “focus on retaining the character and historic integrity of the castle” and paid close attention to the existing features such as the staircases, vaulted ceilings and original colorways used throughout. This process allowed for a portion of the estate to be divided into 23 newly renovated luxury residences and divided into six apartments. This is the portion that’s for sale now.

The six apartments offer around 3,500 square feet each. For the whole lot, the real estate company is accepting offers over $645,000 — which really is a small price to pay for a portion of a castle, if you think about it.

Maison Real Estate

The real estate company even notes the commercial value for this property as a business endeavor. Maybe you can’t afford to own a portion of this castle. But if the lucky bidder turns this into a hotel, perhaps you could at least afford to spend the night there in the future and finally make your “Game of Thrones” fantasy a reality. Here’s hoping!

Owning this castle (or at least hoping to spend the night there one day) isn’t the only way you can take your “Game of Thrones” fandom to the next level. In fact, if you can guess the ending of the series correctly, you could win a trip to Croatia, which has served as the backdrop for filming throughout the show. You may recognize it as King’s Landing, Qarth, Braavos and the Westeros Riverlands.

While there, you’ll get to tour these filming locations, have your hotel expenses completely covered and more. Find out how to enter your theory for the grand finale for a chance to make your “Game of Thrones” dreams a reality.

In the meantime, see if you and your friends can all go in on the $645,000 it’ll cost to own a castle from “Game of Thones!”

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