This genius 30-day declutter challenge will help you clear out so much stuff

Clutter has a way of slowly sneaking up on people. All it takes is a stack of mail, some unfolded laundry and a few empty Amazon boxes to start the downward spiral from tidy to chaos.

Luckily, there’s a genius way to efficiently declutter your whole home without it feeling overwhelming or taking up all of your time. The website Love and Marriage has come up with a 30-day challenge to easily organize your home, one task at a time.

On the first day, you start by emptying out a single drawer. By the end of the week, you work your way up to purging several kitchen cabinets. Depending on your lifestyle, some of the tasks may take only minutes to do, while others could take longer. For example, if you mostly stream your movies on Netflix and Hulu, then Day Three, organizing your movie collection, should be a breeze. Other days’ goals, like cleaning out the refrigerator on Day 21, could take a few hours.

Regardless, if some of the items on the calendar aren’t problem areas for you, you should feel free to swap them out for others. (I personally always have an overflowing email inbox to deal with.)


Want another option? PopSugar also has come up with their own 30-day cleaning challenge. Instead of specifying certain tasks, theirs is divvied up into areas of the home. So on the first day, you tackle your fridge, and on other days, you tackle things like storage and “multiples of an item”— whatever those mean to you.

Don’t want to wait until the beginning of the month or until next spring to do some decluttering? There’s no time like the present, especially if you’re feeling motivated to organize your home. So feel free to start either of these challenges on any day of the month you’d like.

Happy organizing!