This grandma left a voicemail at the wrong number and ended up making a new friend


When Margaret attempted to call her grandson back in October 2017, she unwittingly set off a chain of events that would gain her a new friend.

She called a number that she believed belonged to her grandson, Barry, and when he didn’t pick up, she left him a voicemail. The person she had called, Callie Hall, called Margaret back to let her know she had the wrong number, but over the next couple months, Margaret made the mistake a few more times.

“She called about once every two weeks to check in on Barry — whether he needed his pants hemmed or anything else he may need,” Hall told Love What Matters of the sweet woman who called herself “Grandmamma Margaret.”

“I would call her back each time to let her know it was still me, and we would chat a little each time.”


After trying to wish Barry a happy birthday on Dec. 19, 2017, but again calling Hall, Margaret finally figured it out. However, that didn’t stop her from continuing to call Hall — this time on purpose.

“This time the voicemail she left said, ‘Merry Christmas, Callie!'” Hall recalled. “‘I figured out Barry’s number. Thank you for being my friend. Love you, later.'”

From that day forward, Hall and Margaret began to form a real friendship. Hall still let Margaret’s phone calls go to voicemail because she loved listening to her messages later when she needed to brighten her day.

But she would also call Margaret back right away so the two could chat. Hall’s parents were going through a divorce, and her friendship with Margaret began offering her a little spot of positivity during a difficult time.

After about a year and a half of phone calls, they finally met in person.

“This wonderful lady is just as wonderful as she is on the phone,” Hall told Love What Matters of finally getting to meet the woman she had talked to on the phone. “She wants everyone to be happy and does whatever she can to bring joy to her and everyone’s life.”

Check out this touching video of the two meeting in person, posted to Facebook by Hall:

How sweet!

Hall now considers the first time Grandmamma Margaret accidentally called her and left a voicemail a serendipitous event.

“Who would have known that a wrong number would have created such an amazing friendship?” Hall marvels. “Grandmamma Margaret is not only a friend, but she is now family.”

[H/t Love What Matters]

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