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This Grandma’s Boudoir Photos In A Bathtub Full Of Yarn Are Too Funny

This is hilarious!

When photographer Samantha Bishop’s mother, Lisa Bishop, said she wanted to showcase her daughter’s work this Christmas, Samantha came up with a surprising (and hilarious) way to do her mom’s photo shoot.

The idea sprang from a particular branch of her photo work. In addition to shooting more traditional family photos for her business, Roaming Magnolias Photography, Samantha also does boudoir photo shoots for women. Samantha and her mom were joking around about Lisa doing a boudoir shoot for her husband, Samantha’s dad.

Samantha told People that her mom is quite modest. “So when I said she should do a boudoir shoot so that she can see what I do for a living, she joked, ‘Only in a bathtub full of yarn’ — thinking I wouldn’t make it happen. So I ran with it.”

And boy, did she ever. When she presented Lisa with the bathtub of yarn, the grandmother of five was game, and Samantha posted the results to her Facebook page. Check out the shoot Samantha did, in which her mom gives the camera some alluring looks (over her reading glasses, of course) and toys with yarn around her toes:

Lisa loves to crochet, so Samantha even included one image of Lisa reading “The Crochet Bible.” Smart is sexy, after all:

The pair put the photos into a book for Lisa’s husband, Mike, which he opened on Christmas night. Samantha captured that moment, too, and he appears to be completely delighted and amused by the boudoir photos of his wife:

The shoot was so successful that Lisa was inspired to do another for her wedding anniversary. On Dec. 27, Samantha posted new photos with the caption, “Grandma Done Gone Wilder”:

“My mom apparently got a big confidence boost for her first shoot, because she decided we needed to do a second, saucier shoot for her and my dad’s anniversary next week,” Samantha wrote with the new photos of Lisa.

However, Lisa hasn’t lost her sense of humor amid the viral-photo fame. The new shoot includes pictures of her pulling on some Dr. Scholl’s compression socks. It also features Werther’s Original caramels, which appeared in the original shoot as well. Too funny!

Be careful what you say to your kids — they could find a way to make even the most joking statements happen.