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This ‘Green Monster’ Banana Bread Has A Surprising Ingredient

Would you give this a try?

There is no better way to use overripe bananas than to mix them into a crowd-pleasing banana bread recipe. In fact, even Duchess Meghan Markle whipped up some banana bread as a hostess gift when she and husband Prince Harry visited Australia on an official tour this past October.

Markle’s recipe included chocolate chips and ginger. While those additions sound perfect, this recipe for green monster banana bread from The First Year Blog has an unexpected ingredient that is both healthy and tasty: spinach.

Although you might not think that Popeye’s snack of choice would go great with banana bread, the blogger promises that the bread doesn’t taste much like the leafy green veggie. Instead, you’ll get the flavor of banana, cinnamon and honey. Yum!

This healthy recipe does not contain any butter, sugar or oil and makes for an ideal on-the-go snack. The blogger notes that you may get some strange looks, though, as people wonder where the bread’s green hue comes from.

The First Year Blog

Another take on this veggie-packed bread comes courtesy of My Name is Snickerdoodle. This version also includes chocolate chips, just like Markle’s banana bread. It’s all about balance! When you eat your vegetables, it’s only fair that you indulge in a little chocolate, too. If you’re determined to cut down on sugar, fat and calories, though, feel free to omit them.

Although it might not look all that appetizing, the blogger promises that the taste is worth it. If you have kids that refuse to eat anything green, you could take a page from the blogger’s book and tell the littles that it’s “Hulk Bread” that will make them super-strong. Genius!

Some nuts would be another nutritious addition to this bread that would also add some interesting texture.

My Name is Snickerdoodle

Would you consider sneaking some spinach into your next batch of banana bread?