This Guy Cooked For His Little Brother’s ‘date’—And The Result Was Adorable

Ah, young love. Such a precious thing. So when Kingsley Morgan found out that his little brother was harboring a crush and had invited the girl over for dinner, Morgan went into full-on wingman mode and documented the entire thing on his Twitter feed.

Just a warning, this thread does contain some profane language.

“My little brother has a crush on this girl and he invited her over for dinner,” he writes. “I’m the chef and I’m geeked af!”

And when Morgan cooks for his bro, he goes all in. He didn’t just warm up some pizza. He made a variant of her favorite dish: coconut-curried chicken and lemongrass white rice:

“I can’t plate food to save my life!” Morgan wrote. “But hey, I hadda try today. Table is set.”

While Morgan did his work in the kitchen, their dad also got in on the action by putting on some soul music to create a little romantic ambiance. Can you feel the love tonight? Or, you know, at least the like:

“They sat in the living room after dinner and talked for a bit,” Morgan wrote. “They got close at one point and I saw him lean in…for a hug. Bruh, I swore he was going for the kiss.”

Oh, well. It’s still a first date. And thanks to his big brother, this kid should get a second one. After seeing his little brother breaking out the gentleman moves, Morgan couldn’t help but get a little nostalgic about watching his little brother grow up:

His thread has been retweeted more than 20,000 times, and everyone is here for the brotherly love.

Here’s to hoping those two kids make it, because I have a feeling Morgan will really like telling the story of their first date over and over again.

Oh, and here are some chicken recipes if you’re hoping to make your own date night meal.

Can you remember your very first date?