This guy surprised his brother on his birthday by moving to his city—and his reaction is priceless

Over-the-top birthday surprises might be the best viral video sensation that doesn’t involve furry animals. From dream cars to amazing acts of charity to a kidney donation, clips of people being stunned by epic birthday gifts never cease to make me smile.

Same goes for a recent video of a man shocking his brother with a birthday gift so life-altering it took him a solid 30 seconds to believe what had happened.

The clip comes from Kevin Norris, who had been living in New York for 20 years along with his wife, Jennifer, and their young son. For all those years, Kevin had been separated by almost 3,000 miles from his brother/best friend, Erik, who lives in Los Angeles.

That was until Kevin and his family decided to move to L.A. — and not tell Erik about it until his birthday. Talk about a huge birthday surprise!

The video Kevin recently shared was a two-for-one surprise deal. At the start of the 2-minute-long clip, Erik can be seen acting surprised that Kevin and his family actually showed up for his birthday. He’s led to believe that them visiting L.A. was his big surprise.

But then Kevin puts a blindfold on him and says, “We got you a little something.”

Erik is then led to his brother’s new house and has the blindfold removed, with Kevin telling him, “Welcome to our new home.”

“What?” Erik says with visible shock on his face, still staring at his brother incredulously. “No. You’ve got to be kidding me — really?!”

When the fact that his brother, sister-in-law and nephew have really moved across the country to live near him sinks in, you can see Erik tear up with joy. It’s a really sweet moment. Watch the whole surprise below.

Kevin later told StoryTrender that the moment was emotional for everyone and that he’d been trying to make it happen for years. What a great story of siblings being super close!