This guy’s ‘Harry Potter’ impressions are amazing

Impressions are always, well, impressive. But they’re especially so when someone can recreate the voices of your favorite characters. And that’s precisely why this video of YouTuber Black Gryph0n impersonating your “Harry Potter” favorites is going viral.

Ever since the video was posted to YouTube, it’s gotten over 4 million views. Because, yeah — it’s that good. Black Gryph0n expertly captures the essence of Ron Weasley, Dobby, Harry Potter, Voldemort and many others.

You have to hear it to believe it:

Impressive, huh?

If you enjoyed this video, you’ll be pleased to find that there are many, many more where this came from on the Black Gryph0n YouTube channel. Not only can this impression artist, Gabriel Brown, capture the voice quality of your favorite actors and movie characters, but he’s also quite adept at nailing some of the most well-known singers’ voices, too.

Take a look at this fan-requested video in which he recreates bars from 23 famous songs, including Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud,” Smash Mouth’s “All Star” and more:

This takes impersonations to a whole new level!

While the rest of us may not be as skilled as Brown, there are still plenty of people out there who are creating special Harry Potter-inspired moments for themselves in their own unique way. One such noteworthy attempt at living out a “Harry Potter” comes in the form of an adorable little dog who responds to “Harry Potter” spells.

The video of the adorable Remus following along to “Harry Potter” commands was posted on the Brizzy Voices YouTube channel and has gotten over 500,000 views, because nothing performs better online than Potter and puppies!

Watch Remus respond to these spells like a good boy:

When it comes to “Harry Potter” impersonations, dog tricks and more — the internet can’t get enough! So show us what you’ve got!