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This Handy Gadget Lets Kids Turn Lights On And Off By Themselves

Help your little one feel like a "big kid!"

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Help your little one feel like a “big kid” with this product from KidSwitch. The Switch Extender allows your child to reach the light switch so they can turn it on and off all by themselves. This is a great tool to place in a playroom or in their bedrooms and bathrooms.

Whether they’re helping out during their bedtime ritual by turning the lights out all on their own before it’s time to tuck them in, or they decide it’s time to go and play with their toys, they’ll never struggle to get the lights on and off again.

The switch extender does exactly as its name suggests. It attaches to a light switch to add an additional 13 1/2 inches to the area that controls the light’. Its shaped like a moon that can be easily held onto in order to push or pull on the light switch.

Plus, the product glows in the dark, so it’s easy to locate and may even replace the need for a night light!


The switch retails for $11.99 on Amazon. You’ll also need to purchase the  KidSwitch Decora Adapter to help attach your switch extender to a wall light switch. The adapter is sold separately and also retails for $11.99 on Amazon. Bedtime, play time, potty time — all of it will be easier than ever before!

And if you’ve got other hard to reach areas, there’s likely a kid-friendly product out there to make your life easier. For instance, these adorable little animals add length to faucet spouts to make hand-washing simple and less splashy. A set of two is available for $11.90 on Amazon:


Here’s to making your home even more accessible for your family!