This high school wrestling team spent their day off school helping neighbors shovel snow

Lomira Booster Club

Members of the Lomira High School wrestling team from Lomira, Wisconsin, are being praised for using a snow day to serve others.

The wrestlers spent their day off on Monday, Jan. 28, helping neighbors with snow removal, as photos from a Lomira Booster Club Facebook post show:

“We’re so incredibly proud of our Lomira High School Wrestling team for spending their day off of school again helping others with snow removal! Thank you to all of them and also a huge shout out to Jamie Feucht (our Booster Club President) for organizing and working alongside the boys,” the Facebook post reads.

The post continues, “We are hearing such positive feedback from so many community members. We are proud of these amazing athletes!!”

Local community members have left dozens of comments on the post, praising the young boys for lending a helping hand. “Great group of kids! Awesome job! More teams and schools should do this,” one commenter wrote.

Another responded, “Awesome job! It may be frigid outside, but this is ‘heartwarming!'”

A third commenter shared a time-lapse video of the young men as they were shoveling.

This video from WTMJ also shows the team in action:

Nearly a foot of snow fell across southeast Wisconsin last weekend and through Monday, with many communities spending days digging out. But Lomira High School was just one of many schools to be affected by the extreme weather.

Many elementary, middle and high schools across the affected states were closed due to the freezing cold temperatures, snow and wind. In some cases, school administrators attempted to lighten news of the gloomy weather by announcing their school’s pending snow days in creative ways.

Case in point: One principal in Milford, Michigan, decided to let his students know that they didn’t have to go to school in an unconventional way. Josh Gignac, principal of Johnson Elementary in Milford, announced that Jan. 30 would be a snow day for students and faculty members alike by remixing the words to Vanilla Ice’s hit, “Ice, Ice Baby.”

You can watch Gignac’s rendition of the snow, posted to his YouTube account, below:

Written by WTMJ. Additional reporting by Michelle Regalado. 

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