This Hilarious Chart Details Phone Call Durations Based On Who’s Talking

There are some phone calls — like marathon catch-up sessions with your BFF — that you put off for the weekend because they last too long to fit into your weeknight routine. But then there are the calls that you know will be quick — like those rapid check-ins with your kids or husband.

The Raising Little Monsters Facebook account posted a chart detailing how call durations vary depending on who’s on the other end of the line — and it couldn’t be more accurate.

The chart outlines calls between two boys, a boy and a girl, a mom and a daughter and more:

As you can see, the chart shows that some of the shortest calls are between a father and son, a mom and son or between two boys. The lengthier conversations begin when boys start calling girls and when a married daughter calls her mom.

Of course, there are also those calls that never even get off the ground. The “wife to husband” section is all too correct, showing 12 missed calls, rather than a phone call duration. Who else can totally relate to that?

Clearly, the chart resonates with many people, as the post has been shared over 6,000 times and garnered over 300 comments.

“This is true unless the husband to wife conversation is about what’s for dinner? Then it could be hours long,” one Facebook user responded.

Another thought it was so accurate, it could double as a phone billing statement, writing, “[T]his reminds me of mums [sic] phone bill.”

Sounds about right!

This is just one of many life hack-type charts that can be found online. If you can appreciate this phone call chart, you definitely need to check out a Facebook post from Wilson Elementary with a chart detailing when you should be putting your kids to bed:

If you follow along with this bedtime schedule, maybe there will be more time for those longer and often much-needed phone conversations!