This Hospital Unit Has Six Nurses Who Are Pregnant at the Same Time

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There must be something in the air at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, because six nurses at the hospital were pregnant at the same time.

That’s right: All six women — Nina Day, Bethany Stringer, Emily Johnson, Nikki Huth, Sabrina Hudson and Katie Carlton — work together in the hospital’s outpatient hematology and oncology unit. And all of the nurses were due within  six months of one another.

‘The Fabulous Six Pack’

According to local news station WXII 12, patients have begun calling the crew of nurses “the fabulous six pack.”

“It’s meant to be that we’re supposed to share this journey together and it is truly special,” nurse Nina Day told CBS This Morning. “I was the first to get pregnant. And, soon after, Bethany was pregnant. And then it was like a conversation of, ‘Well, I wonder if there’s more because things happen in threes.’ We found out there was a third, then there was a fourth.”

While some of the women were planning to get pregnant, it was certainly a surprise that it all happened at the same time. Take a look at these due dates:

Nina Day: July 30

Bethany Stringer: Sept. 8

Emily Johnson (first-time mom): Sept. 25

Nikki Huth (first-time mom): Oct. 11

Sabrina Hudson: Nov. 13

Katie Carlton: Dec. 12.

“It’s exciting because you see these people every day and they’re a part of your family, and now they’re your pregnant buddies!” Katie Carlton, assistant nurse manager, shared on the hospital’s Facebook page.

“What we’re most excited about is future play dates and getting pictures of all the bumps was fun,” Bethany Stringer told CBS This Morning. “But getting pictures of all the babies is going to be way more fun.”

Another bonus? A comforting camaraderie between mothers who will be juggling early morning feedings and diaper changes together. That support system goes a long way for moms of newborns!

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Not The First Group Of Coworker Pregnancies

Five of the 23 staff members who work at Franklin Park Pediatrics in Toledo, Ohio, were recently pregnant at the same time — that’s about 20 percent of the total staff!

A staff member for the pediatrics office told People magazine that once they found out a total of five staffers were expecting — the news was “shocking.”

“It was quite shocking at first, but we’re so super excited for them,” Jen Matuszewski told People. “But it’s nice because they all have each other to turn to.”

All but one mommy decided to announce the sex of her baby, and as you can see from the Facebook photo above, the office is expecting to add three girls, one boy and one surprise to its family!

And it didn’t take long for the mommies-to-be — Jessica Mielcarek, Anni Portocarrero, Meghan Keil, Kathy Krueger and Stephanie Holt — to realize just how crucial this type of built-in support system was going to be.

“It’s nice to share everything and go through things together. You can just pull someone aside and say, ‘OK, this might sound weird or gross, but is this normal? Has it happened to you?'” Portocarrero told Popsugar. “We save each other calls to our doctors all the time.”

It’s nice that these women can talk to each other because sometimes women are left to go through pregnancy on their own — or empathize with the few people who are outspoken about these kinds of things.

Additional reporting by Augusta Statz.

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