This ice cream shop is selling a gelato burger made with a chocolate bun


An unlikely combination could just become your new summertime favorite. The Amorino ice cream shop has launched a gelato burger. The sound of that might have you raising your eyebrows, but we assure you, it’s far less bizarre than it sounds — the whole thing is a dessert.

The gelato burger is not a burger meets-ice cream mash-up like you might imagine. Instead, it’s two scoops of gelato ice cream nestled between a chocolate bun and the spread of your choice — you can choose from caramel, chocolate or Nutella.

Amorino has locations all over the world, including a few in the States, but according to Insider, New York City is the only stateside spot serving up these treats for now.

And if you’re able to swing by the shop and order a gelato burger, this is how you can expect it to be served, wrapped in paper and complete with a toothpick to hold the melty goodness together, according to Amorino’s official Instagram:

It’s pure ice cream sandwich perfection:

If you were initially left scratching your head at the thought of a “gelato burger,” you’re certainly not alone. The owner of the Amorino on New York’s Upper West Side, Luigi Caroggio, told West Side Rag, “[Customers] ask questions, because it’s a little confusing. They think it’s a hamburger but it’s not.”

But, he also pointed out that those who have tried it have not been disappointed. “Those who have tried it liked it,” he told the publication.

And based on the Instagram posts, people in Italy, Paris and at some of the other international locations have been bold enough to give this unique treat a try:

Instagram user @irving_ma333 tried this for breakfast. When in Paris, right?:

Instagram user @coffeeaddictq8 showed that this gets served with a side of whipped cream in Italy — yum!:

Meanwhile, an Instagram user in America, @crew_hungry, showed it’s hard to turn down a burger “when you find out the bun is chocolate and the special sauce on your burger is Nutella”:

If you are able to get this treat in person at Amorino, it’ll run you $7.18, a small price to pay for such deliciousness.

But, you can find similar treats at other locations, such as Stuffed, an ice cream shop that specializes in making ice cream sandwiches using doughnuts as the bun.

As you can see from the Stuffed Instagram, wedging ice cream between any kind of bread is a great idea:

A recipe from Tiaras & Tantrums proves that it’s easy enough to recreate this doughnut-ice cream combo at home if you can’t make it to New York to sample this treat. All you need is a doughnut, your favorite ice cream flavor and whatever toppings you see fit:

Tiaras & Tantrums

And if you can come up with a chocolate bun, you’ll be able to make that gelato burger in your kitchen. Good thing this recipe from Pretty Simple Sweet exists, huh?

Thanks to this recipe, you’ll have homemade chocolate buns in no time:

Pretty Simple Sweet

Here’s to making gelato burgers the official treat of summer!

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