This Ice Maker Creates Clear ‘Glass-Like’ Ice Cube Spheres For Your Home Bar

Have you ever opened your freezer and thought, “wow my ice cube tray is boring”? No? Well, once you get a look at GE Appliances’ ultra-chic ice cube maker, you will every single time.

GE Appliances and FirstBuild just launched the funding phase for its Forge Clear Ice System, which produces clear ice spheres. According to the brand, the glass-like ice is “revolutionizing the way clear ice is made.”

What’s so revolutionary about the Forge Clear Ice System? It’s the world’s first heated ice press. Yes, you heard that right — the ice maker is heated.

The device makes the clear ice spheres in just two steps. First, it makes large blocks of gem-shaped ice. These take about four hours and, FYI, that timeframe is fast when it comes to clear ice makers. What’s more, you can store these in the ice maker until you’re ready to plop them into your drink.


Next: the sphere creation. You insert one of the pre-made gems into the heated press, which is separate from the ice maker. One minute later, you have a perfect sphere! Presto change-o!

All that’s left is to pick up the sphere. Naturally, the included “precision crafted ice tongs” are the only way to place it in your drink. Did you actually think you could transport this frozen feat of engineering with your hands?

While it “is the gold standard for connoisseurs of fine bourbon, whiskey and other spirits,” you can certainly use these spheres to chill whatever beverage you choose.

If a crystal-clear sphere seems too traditional, FirstBuild offers a custom-designed press that will turn your ice gems into whatever shape your heart desires, for a price. The custom-designed press rings in at $5,000 while the expected retail price of the Forge Clear Ice System is an ever so slightly more reasonable $1,499. They’re available for pre-order and expected delivery is May 2020. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with the plastic ice cube tray.

File this under over-the-top kitchen gadgets you never knew you needed.