This Intricate Appetizer Tree Is Surprisingly Easy To Make—And Is Sure To Wow Your Guests

A visually appealing appetizer spread is a nice way to make any party just a little more festive. If you can make your display holiday-themed this time of year, even better. Looking for a snack that’s sure to impress guests this holiday? This beautiful antipasto appetizer tree from Redhead Can Decorate will surely do the trick.

Traditional antipasto components, including pepperoni, cheeses, peppers and olives, are stacked to resemble a Christmas tree. You’ll need a styrofoam cone to pull off this appetizer, but there’s no cooking required!

Redhead Can Decorate

Another option is to arrange the ingredients into the shape of a gift box. Or why not do both so you have some “presents” under the tree?

No one can resist a good cheeseball, and this recipe for an antipasto cheeseball Christmas tree from Cafe Delites takes the classic appetizer to a whole new level. Be sure to use packaged cream cheese, not spreadable cream cheese, as it may collapse. Cheese balls can last up to two days in the refrigerator, so feel free to make this ahead of time to save you some stress on party day.

Cafe Delites

Although these trees are just as beautiful to gaze upon as the kind with lights and ornaments, I have a feeling these will disappear before too long!

Another delicious twist on the Christmas tree as appetizer concept is this pull-apart crescent Christmas tree from Pillsbury. It uses Pillsbury crescent rolls and a few other simple ingredients to make for a super-festive and tasty appetizer that only looks like you spent hours slaving away in the kitchen.


Of course, you can also turn your desserts into Christmas trees with recipes like this Nutella pastry Christmas tree or this cinnamon roll Christmas tree that would make the perfect start to your Christmas morning.

Will you be incorporating an edible tree into your holiday spread?