This Is The Best Temperature To Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Everyone has their own unique preferences when it comes to how they like their room for bedtime. Some like a tower fan gently blowing, others like to be wrapped in multiple blankets and many only like to have a thin sheet.

However, most experts agree on one thing: sleeping in a cool room will give you the most bang for your buck. According to the Wall Street Journal, the temperature of your room is the most important factor for getting a good night’s rest. Research now indicates that the temperature is more important than the amount of light in the room.

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What’s that perfect temperature?

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that your room be set to around 65 degrees. Time goes on to add that, “keeping your head nice and cool is conducive to good sleep,” and also supports the recommendation of keeping your room around 65 degrees.

Now, there is a lot of variation in that claim. If you are someone who loves blankets and comforters, you may want to test out turning the thermostat down a little lower. In fact, WSJ says that studies have found temperatures as low as 60.8 degrees are appropriate when using a lot of blankets.

Why such a low temperature?

It’s all tied to your body temperature, which has a pattern.  The National Sleep Foundation says:

“During the course of a normal day, your body temperature rises and falls slightly. This pattern is tied to your sleep cycle. As you become drowsy, your temperature goes down, reaches its lowest level around 5:00 a.m., and climbs slightly as morning begins.”

By reducing the temperature in the room, research shows that people will fall asleep faster. Dropping the temperature a few degrees helps the brain adjust more quickly to “sleeping mode” and also assists in having a deeper sleep.

There are also other health benefits from sleeping in a cold room. This includes a reduced risk of diabetes, calorie burning and looking younger.

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