This Is Glass Treehouse Is The Ultimate Getaway Spot

For all those who want to have a secluded retreat and live in the woods, then this treehouse is for you.

Designed by Architect Aibek Almassov of A. Masow Architects, this four-story, tree-enclosed house is the ultimate in being one with nature.  I even think this would make Pete Nelson of Treehouse Masters quite jealous.

Almassov told Huffington Post that the treehouse has been in the works for a long time and he plans to start building in 2017.  He is working with his local government in Kazakhstan and plans to make the treehouse a public space instead of a single family home.

From solar panels to the rainwater purification system, the entire house is designed to work in coordination with nature.

With the popularity of shows like Treehouse Masters, these types of houses are becoming more and more popular.  Almassov’s approach definitely is the slickest we’ve seen yet and maybe will spawn some other great ideas on living in conjunction with nature.