This Is The Ultimate Kitty Castle – That You Can Make Yourself!

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If you have a cat, you know that they like to tumble, play, and explore new things. Building them entertainment spaces can help their physical health and mental well-being.

If you’re on a low budget, you can make a play space with a simple t-shirt and cardboard box. But if you have multiple cats and want to give them the ultimate place to romp, you need to make them a kitty castle.

All the materials can be found at your local hardware store. The major materials are plywood, screws (or nails) and carpeting. A router saw will be needed to cut out the holes, and if you don’t own a table saw, you can ask your hardware store to cut the larger pieces into pre-determined sizes for you (usually at no cost).

What’s so great is you can make a custom kitty castle to fit perfectly into the space of your home. Remember, adding holes they can peek through and little shelves they can hop up an down on make for¬†great exploration.

Here’s some photos of the steps from our friends at Goods Home Design:

Cutting out the front face of the castle and holes in the towers.

Goods Home Design

In this picture, it appears this kitty castle has metal rods on one end to hold up the internal shelving. I assume the builder used washers and bolts on the top platform to secure the rods.

Goods Home Design

Here is another way, using plywood as braces and for stability on the internal shelves. It also looks like a thicker board was used inside the bottom steps to reinforce jumping up and down on the boxes (both above and below photos).

Note: the kitties are already enjoying their new play space!

Goods Home Design

The finished product, and a satisfied feline. Now if only he had a little crown…

Goods Home Design

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