This Is The Ultimate Window Seat – A Glass Bubble On Top Of A Plane

Talk about an amazing view.  Plane owners can now get the ultimate accessory installed on their private plane.  SkyDeck is a 360 degree glass bubble that’s installed on the top of a plane.

It was invented “to kill the boredom of long flights,” CEO and inventor of SkyDeck Shakil Hussain told Mashable.  “On a long flight, you’re stuck inside of what’s basically a can,” he said, “and the only outside world you’re allowed to see is through little puddles called windows.”

Sky Deck is available with two options:  A staircase leading to two seats or a sweet looking elevator that takes you up to the top.

The company says SkyDeck will not interfere with any of the aircraft’s performance but will add to fuel consumption because of the added weight.

Now for the price… It will only cost you $8 – $25 million to get one installed on your private jet.  I guess if you have a private jet than ponying up a few extra million is no big deal.



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