This ‘Jaws’-themed bath bomb is what every shark lover needs

No matter how many times you’ve seen the film, “Jaws” is a classic that never gets old. And now that a “Jaws”-themed bath bomb exists, the fun never really has to end, even once the credits roll!

Delish pointed out that the BubbleManiaCo Etsy shop is selling creepy, yet cool “Jaws”-themed bath bombs that make it look as though a bloody shark attack has occurred in your tub. But considering that the somewhat horrific scene dissolves into a beautiful swirl of red, white and blue colors — you don’t have to be afraid to go in the water.

The bath bomb retails for $9.74 and comes in a fun bubblegum scent to offset the scariness.


You see — it’s a shark lover’s dream come true!

But this isn’t the only way to incorporate sharks into your bathtime routine. There are several other vendors on Etsy selling products that make great gifts for shark obsessives.

This shark bath bomb retails for $13, but it also happens to lean on the cuter side. Just look at those big eyes:


This bath bomb will reveal a shark toy once it dissolves, so it’s perfect for kids. Plus, they’re only $4.87 each on Etsy:


And if you’re more into the “Jaws” film than you are sharks, per se, Etsy’s got some great products for you. A “Jaws” poster will add ambiance to your at-home movie-watching experience. The print retails for $19.99 on Etsy:


Meanwhile, this “Jawlly Christmas” sweatshirt will make the perfect gift for your shark fan friend. Because it’s never too soon to start Christmas shopping. It’s available for $15.29 on Etsy:


And as far as shark products go, this is only the beginning. “Shark Week” may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop gear that will make all of your future shark-themed TV and movie watching that much better.

Check out our list of awesome gifts for people who love Shark Week. You’ll find shark-themed cufflinks, towels, blankets and more.

Crochet Center/Etsy

So, who’s ready for a shark movie marathon and then bath time? This time, that fin in the water doesn’t have to be scary. Or does it? Dun-dun.

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