This Jet-Setting Couple Strikes the Same Pose Everywhere They Visit Together

Long-distance relationships can be hard. But with the right perspective, all those miles of separation can be an opportunity instead of a roadblock. One long-distance couple took advantage of their situation to reunite in far-flung locales and take romantic photos.

Rob and Joli Switzerland ’s around-the-world romance began in the Philippines, where they met at a party in 2010. They quickly connected and stayed in touch by exchanging messages online. It started slowly, and their relationship stayed platonic at first.

It wasn’t until 2013 that they started dating. Still, Rob lived in the U.S. and Joli in the Philippines. As a result, they decided to meet up in different cities around the world to see each other.

Perfect Pose

Instead of following the jumping-photo trend they saw everyone else doing, they struck their own signature pose to remember the destination. They snapped photo after photo with their pose, affectionately called the dip kiss, and collected them to help cope with the time apart.

📍 Moscow, Russia . Dipkissing in a shopping center in the middle of the busy capital city during the White Nights season. 😍 . Happy Valentines Day to all of you who are celebrating today! ❤❤❤ Whether single or taken, remember that you are loved. If no one’s said that to you yet today…then here goes: “WE LOVE YOU!” ❤ . Seriously, you guys are the bestest! We love all the kind comments and all the messages. You guys inspire us and your support keeps us going despite all the stress & haters in the world 🙂 Also, we LOVE hearing all of the love stories you’ve shared with us! They’re all so awesome ❤ Keep ’em coming, we might just ask for submissions soon! . . A little trivia about ourselves: We rarely give each other Valentines presents. When we do, we like giving each other stuff that’s handmade like a home-cooked meal or a personalized drawing/card/collage/video…or better yet, we go on a roadtrip! 🥂🍝🖒 Don’t get us wrong, we think the occasion is cool, but we just try not to get caught up with spending too much on expensive things when we’d rather create lasting memories. ❤ . . . . . . #dipkiss #dipkisstravels #wanderlust #wanderlove #visitmoscow #visitrussia #russia #heart #valentinesday #valentines

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Over the years, they met up in some pretty spectacular spots all over the world. They shared the photos with friends and family but kept them private for a long time — until they decided to open up the archives and share new and throwback snaps on their Instagram account.

Adventure Aspiration

They also started the blog, Dipkiss Travels, to share their adventures “one dipkiss at a time!” They describe their travel style as “splurging on a budget” and hope to inspire others to experience the world.

All those international travel dates kept their relationship growing. The couple got married last June, and they live in Maryland. They’ve settled down together, but they still prioritize travel and experiences, finding new places to snap a dip-kiss photo.

Recently, they kissed in front of a glacier in Alaska.

They also took in the spring sights in Amsterdam.

According to their Instagram account, they’re heading to New York City, Africa and Europe next.

Good News, Travel

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