This ‘Just add water’ base makes it easier than ever to make your own nut milk at home


If you can’t have dairy or are just trying to cut it out, chances are you’ve tried some form of nut milk (almond, cashew, etc.). But have you ever thought about making it yourself? While it is possible, you might be intimidated by how much of a process it can be. It’s not as easy as just heading to the grocery store.

So, if it’s easy to simply buy nut milk at the store, why make it? Firstly, if you check out a recipe for homemade nut milk, like this one from Savory Simple, you’ll see that the ingredients for homemade nut milk differ drastically from what you’ll find in store-bought milks. While the recipe calls for just almonds and water, one popular brand of packaged milk has a total of 11 ingredients.

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If you like the idea of making your own nut milk but don’t like all the steps involved, there is a new product on the market that simplifies the process. Called Modest Mylk, it is a base that is simply blended with water, and flavor options include vanilla, chocolate, cashew, macadamia, Coco-Nut, and Oat-Nut. As for the ingredients? Taking a look at the cashew flavor shows only cashews, coconut oil, arrowroot flour and Himalayan pink salt.

At $14.99 a jar, you’ll get 42 servings at 8 ounces per serving, and the jar stays fresh for more than a year if stored correctly. Once you make a serving of the mylk, it will last up to five days in the refrigerator.

The creators of Modest Mylk let me try it out and I can verify it took one minute to make. I started with chocolate and it had a strong coconut flavor to me, which I didn’t personally love, but if you like that flavor, you’ll enjoy it. It definitely tasted like nut milk and I felt better about drinking it knowing exactly what it was.

One downside is that if you drink milk for the calcium, you won’t be getting enough with this product. At 10 mg of calcium, it comes out to 0 percent of your daily value, while Blue Diamond almond milk will give you 45 percent. If you’re just using it to add to smoothies or put on your cereal, however, this shouldn’t be an issue.

If you don’t drink non-dairy milk but are curious, there are multiple reasons you might want to try it. Not only can it help control blood sugar, but it’s also rich in heart-healthy good fats and it keeps you full. One serving of almond milk also provides 50 percent of your daily vitamin E requirement, and if you buy one that has calcium, you’ll get plenty without needing dairy.

Have you ever tried to make your own nut milk?

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