This little boy has some serious drumming skills

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If you’re not sure what a musical prodigy looks like, check out Justin A Wilson II — whose nickname is LJ — a 4-year-old phenom known as the Baby Boy Drummer. According to his website, his love for music and rhythm was apparent early on — by which we mean in the womb. His parents say he used to tap rhythmically in response to his mom tapping her fingers on her belly. She could even feel him moving when she sang to him.

Musical talent certainly runs in the family. This prodigy’s dad is a well-known musician who ensured that once little LJ was born, he was constantly surrounded by melody and rhythm. And instead of the traditional sing-a-long songs most babies and toddlers are accustomed to, this musical family created their own fun songs for all occasions.

Though still only 4 years old, he’s shown that he’s capable of impressive musical abilities, such as matching pitch and mimicking syncopations.

At 18 months, he got his first drum set. He’s since become a powerhouse drummer. In the video below, you can see how talented he is. Though he’s playing in the company of those decades older than himself, he effortlessly jams with his bandmates, keeping the tempo and a killer beat. He completely nails his drum solo, wowing those who are watching him. Look how stoked he is to be in his element!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that LJ currently has his own album for sale, “LJ’s World.” This collection is a set of songs the young music lover listens to throughout the day, whether he’s “learning his ABCs, potty training, or just wanting to cry it out.”

In the below video, you can see how adorable and young, yet incredibly skilled, he is. As evidenced by his moves and vocals, this little stud can sing and dance, too!

We can’t wait to see how LJ’s career progresses, and we wish him all the best!

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