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This Man Built A Computer Out Of Pasta And It Actually Works

What do you think? Epic fail, or the most amazing PC ever?

Why would someone build a computer out of pasta? Well, why not? Micah Laplante, a YouTuber who typically posts about the intersections of creativity and technology, must have been very bored last month. His wife made a joke about building a PC out of pasta and Laplante took her punchline and ran with it. To the grocery store.

In the video below, Laplante uses the motherboard of a broken tablet as the central processing unit, building a case around it with a variety of uncooked pasta. Lasagna noodles, obviously, figure heavily in the design. A layer of rigatoni adds essential ventilation.

Laplante uses hot glue to stick the whole thing together. (Hey, nobody said this was going to be even a little bit edible.) After completing the pasta-puter’s assembly, Laplante paints the dried lines of hot glue white to simulate melted cheese bubbling up. Red paint along the sides stand in for marinara — or perhaps a bolognese, based on the color.

The finished product looks a lot like a real lasagna, if a bit on the thin side. Well, a lasagna with inputs and outputs, plus a nifty little handmade power button.

Since the screen on the original tablet is broken, Laplante plugs the lasagna into his TV for the big unveiling — and it works!

Well, kind of. First, the whole operating system blows up.

“Just a minor hiccup,” says Laplante.

He gets the system recovered and running again — success! — but that’s not the end of his woes. The Xbox controller he’s using doesn’t work well, games are glitchy and video streaming is spotty. Finally, Laplante declares the experiment a noble failure.

“It’s tragic, really,” he says. “But this thing just doesn’t work the way it was supposed to. It brings me much sadness, but I learned something.”

Here’s the video. Be sure to watch all the way to the end, when he throws the whole thing into a pot of salted, boiling water.

What do you think? Epic fail, or the most amazing PC ever?