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This Man Deliberately Misinterprets Photoshop Requests, And The Results Are Hilarious

These are too funny.

We’ve all been there. An otherwise perfect photo made unshareable because of one tiny thing that, if we were any good at Photoshop, would be a piece of cake to solve.

Well, be careful what you wish for. Meet James Fridman, a man who has a talent for altering photos and has chosen to use that power to do not quite what you were hoping he would do:

Because even more than his knack for altering photos, Fridman’s true talent lies in misinterpreting Photoshop requests in the most hilarious way possible.

“I did some funny edits for friends and family, and they ended up on the internet,” Fridman told the Telegraph. “Apparently, people found it quite entertaining and asked for more – that’s how I ended up creating my Twitter account.”

Now, in the past, this trend was more of a way to make fun of people who asked the internet for help in altering their photos. But considering people have to read Fridman’s terms and conditions (or just follow him), those who submit photos to him know he isn’t going to take them that seriously. It has become a sort of comedic take on the culture of excessive social media sharing.

He does occasionally send some serious notes on self-image and has refused to do certain projects.

But mainly he just makes really funny photos. And with almost 1.5 million followers, hopefully he’ll have material for quite a while.