This Man Got Engaged To A ‘boyfriend’ Made Out Of Boxed Wine—And Others Online Can Relate

A significant other is someone you can count on, someone who’s there for you through thick and thin — and for Portland-based artist Michael James Schneider, he can always count on boxed wine to be there when he needs it most. So he made a “boyfriend” out of boxes of wine, and now he’s got a partner who will always be by his side.

Schneider first posted about his boxed wine “boyfriend” on Twitter back in February:

“[I] do not have a boyfriend so I made one out of boxes of wine,” he wrote.

The initial idea was to “riff on that a little and good-naturedly mock it,” he told NBC’s “Today.”

And the internet was all about it! The tweet went viral, garnering over 100,000 likes, proving that when it comes to the single, wine-drinking, less-than-picture-perfect lifestyle, Schneider was certainly not alone.

In fact, people online loved this idea so much that they even thought of recreating it for themselves:

“[T]his is one of the most incredible things [I] have ever seen, [I] am going to make a girlfriend out of frozen pizza boxes,” Twitter user @Kristen_Arnett tweeted.

Twitter user @_DanielleAlex called this “#RelationshipGoals”:

Some, like Twitter user @ThatRachelH, even contemplated trading in their real-life husband for a boxed wine boyfriend:

Clearly, Schneider was on to something.

And apparently, things have been going well for the couple since February, because there’s now a very important update on the relationship: They’re engaged!

Schneider again took to Twitter to share the news:

“[M]y boyfriend [I] made out of boxes of wine took me to the garden and surprised me … guys [I] said YES,” he wrote.

The newly-engaged Schneider told Huffington Post about the moment his boyfriend popped the question:

“Little did I know, Franz had called my friends to surprise me,” he told the Huffington Post. “They surrounded us just as he knelt down and proposed, and of course I said yes. The ring is beautiful, too!”

He posted a photo of the giant engagement ring, which couldn’t be more fitting for the couple:

Of course, people took to Twitter to congratulate the couple:

“Meant to be! Everything happens for a Riesling,” Twitter user @Chelsea_Cota wrote.

Others, while happy for the couple, wanted a chance to join in on the wine-filled co-dependency:

“Fingers crossed you have an open relationship and I’m invited,” Twitter user @Tash_Tag tweeted.

Others were even inspired to envision themselves winding up as happy as this someday:

“[M]e in approx 5 years,” @WillLewington wrote.

And while people online have been able to get a good laugh out of this, Schneider told the Huffington Post that the wedding would benefit a good cause. He’s hoping a local venue (maybe a winery?) might donate a space for the event, and is asking for donations to the American Civil Liberties Union in lieu of wedding gifts.

All that’s left to do now is raise a glass to the happy couple!