This man proposed with a gorgeous ‘Harry Potter’-inspired engagement ring that highlights all 4 Hogwarts houses

There are some fiancés who are amazing, and then there are some who are just magical. Take, for example, this man who proposed with a gorgeous “Harry Potter”-inspired engagement ring that highlights all four Hogwarts houses.

Earlier this month, Reddit user Katiemack777 posted a photo of her Hogwarts-themed gold ring that her fiancé designed with help from family-owned jeweler Shane Co. Her fiancé, she wrote, “knows that I love ‘Harry Potter’ almost as much as I love him,” so he wanted to give her something “pretty special.”

My (now) fiance knows that I love harry potter almost as much as I love him, so he designed a pretty special ring for me. from r/harrypotter

Katiemack777’s stunning three-band ring features four gems representing the Hogwarts crest. One ruby and one tsavorite gem (representing Gryffindor and Slytherin) are set on top, while one yellow sapphire and one blue sapphire gem (representing Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw) are on the bottom. All four jewels surround a large white diamond on the middle band.

“Harry Potter” fans have fallen so in love with Katiemack777’s engagement ring that they’ve upvoted her Reddit post more than 24,000 times. And an image of the ring she uploaded to Imgur has been viewed nearly 625,000 times.

Although fans may not be able to buy an exact replica of Katiemack777’s gorgeous Hogwarts-themed band, Etsy has more than 100 pieces of handmade jewelry and accessories influenced by the wildly popular fantasy series available for sale. So if you’re shopping for a Slytherin or Ravenclaw, you’re bound to find something special.

This beautiful “wizard-inspired” sapphire ring would surely make any “Harry Potter” fan’s heart go pitter patter.


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Hearts or Spades/Etsy