This Man Dressed Up As The Pioneer Woman’s Instant Pot For Halloween

As far as inventions go, the Instant Pot is pure genius. You get a delicious meal in just 30 minutes, and you don’t have to put much effort into cooking. It’s absolute brilliance.

For Halloween, one man put his adoration for the Instant Pot on display in a big way with an Instant Pot-themed costume. And he didn’t base the outfit on just any pressure cooker — he dressed as the Pioneer Woman’s new floral Instant Pot.

This Halloween, Instant Pot enthusiast Juan Ruiz decided to bring the Pioneer Woman’s kitchen appliance to life, and his partner, Stephen, posted the glorious result to the Instant Pot Community Facebook group. Check it out:

In September, Ree Drummond — aka the Pioneer Woman — expanded her cookware collection to include two beautiful floral Instant Pots, sold exclusively at Walmart, online and in store. The Food Network star’s new pressure cookers are available in blue and teal, and Ruiz decided teal was his color.

He donned a pink and teal floral shirt and wore a printout of the Instant Pot control center, set at 5:20, on his chest. But the kicker of Ruiz’s Halloween costume is the large-brim teal beach hat he wore to mimic the Instant Pot lid.


Needless to say, his Pioneer-Woman-inspired costume was a smash hit. To date, the Facebook post has received over 18,000 likes and over 263 shares. Most Facebook users commenting on the post (who are fellow members of an Instant Pot appreciation group, keep in mind) thought Ruiz’s outfit was “perfect” and “the best” they’ve seen this holiday.

So, what do you think about this Pioneer Woman Halloween tribute? Is this an amazing Halloween costume or what?