This man saved a hummingbird and now it returns to visit him every year

It’s a very unlikely friendship — one that’s hard to believe is real — and yet here it is. One man has been playing host to a yearly visitor that is none other than a tiny hummingbird he rescued four years ago.

Michael Cardenaz is a tattooed former SWAT officer from Grovetown, Georgia, who admittedly looks a bit intimidating. Few would expect he has a soft side for animals, but his affinity for helping them regain their strength has earned him the nickname of “Dr. Dolittle” amongst his friends.

Cardenaz explained to WRDW that the flowers on his front porch attract hummingbirds and that, four years ago, one particular bird was in need of help.

“Several of his feathers in his wings were broken off and he couldn’t take flight,” said Cardenaz.

“I had to wait until he molted and regrew new wings,” he said. “That was eight weeks. And he became a part of the family.”

According to the news report, he brought the bird, whose name is “Buzz,” back to life with a mixture of Pedialyte, sugar and a “safe place to heal.” The bird would fly around the yard during practice flights until the day came when he was ready to make the complete migration for the winter.

Because of the strong bond made within those eight weeks, Buzz returns every Spring during his migration south. That’s right. This bird goes from Grovetown to South America and back to this special man’s backyard each year.

Some have questioned whether or not it’s the same hummingbird that Cardenaz saved way back when. But he’s not worried one bit. In fact, he responds by saying that “random hummingbirds don’t land in your hand.” And we couldn’t agree more!

Currently, the animal lover is nursing a chipmunk back to full strength.