This man drove 400 miles out of his way to take strangers to their dying mother

Would you drive several hundred miles out of your way to help a complete stranger?

Great Britain’s Dean Moore did when he pulled over to help a couple on the side of the road.

Ron and Sharleen Gillies had been driving on the A19 road from near Edinburgh, Scotland, down to Cambridge, England to see Sharleen’s dying mother. However, a minor car accident put their car out of commission only about halfway to their destination, near a town called Stockton-on-Tees. The next available lift to a nearby train station wasn’t for three hours, and their insurance company didn’t seem able to help them sooner.

That’s where Moore stepped in.

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He was driving past and saw the stranded couple. After learning Sharleen was trying to say goodbye to her terminally ill mother, Moore offered to drive them the rest of the way to Cambridge.

“I said, ‘You are talking about a round trip of 400 miles,'” Ron Gillies told a local newspaper, The Gazette. “He said, ‘No, I will take you.’ I don’t know how many people would have offered such friendship.”

It was a 3.5-hour drive to Cambridge plus travel time back for Moore – a total of seven hours. He is from North Ormesby, not far from where the couple had their car accident.

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But the journey was worth it. Sharleen Gillies got to be with her mother before she died the next day.

“I was more happy that they got to see their mam,” Moore said. “By being kind and giving people your time you can make a bad situation nice by being helpful.”

Moore, who works at a Nissan factory in Sunderland, England, does comedy and emceeing on the side. He told the BBC he was pretty tired at work the next day, but that “I just did what anyone else would have done.”

“They were stuck in a bad situation,” he said. “I just made it a little better.”

One commenter on Moore’s Facebook page said he hoped Moore’s act of kindness inspires others: “I know you didn’t want people banging on about it but hey you will make a difference.”

Would you have done what Moore did? What’s the biggest act of kindness a stranger has done for you?