This Mom Created The Coolest Mermaid Hairstyle For Her Daughter’s ‘crazy Hair’ Contest

“Crazy hair day” at school can pose a challenge for those parents that don’t consider themselves expert stylists. Sure, you can put in a bunch of random ponytails or simply spike or tease your child’s hair until it does, indeed, look crazy. But April Castillo aimed higher than that.

The Texas mom has some serious skills when it comes to hairstyling, and she put them to use to create stunning “mermaid hair” for her daughter, Atlantis, to rock on “crazy hair day” at school. Castillo’s older daughter, Ariel Romero, took to Twitter to share some awesome photos of her mom’s handiwork:

“My sister had crazy hair day at school today and my mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win,” she wrote alongside photos that show a cascading green braid that serves as the tail of the Little Mermaid, who is perched at the top of the braid.


“My mom picked the hairstyle,” Ariel explained to BuzzFeed News. “She had seen people use a paper doll and wasn’t really feeling it, so she went the extra mile and added a real-life doll.” 

And no, the girls’ names are not by coincidence. Ariel explained in another tweet that she and her sister’s names are by design:

“My mom did the mermaid because my name is Ariel and my sister is Atlantis which is where Ariel lives under the sea :),” she wrote. “We’ve grown up loving mermaids thanks to my parents.”

The magical look is certainly beautiful, and Ariel also tweeted an update to let everyone know that her sister’s innovative style definitely “won” crazy hair day.

“Yes my sister did win crazy hair day!!” she wrote. “She’s only in pre-K lmao y’all just wait for my mom the upcoming years.”

We can’t wait to see what looks Atlantis rocks in future crazy hair days to come!