This Mom Creates Gorgeous Embroidered Keepsakes From Ultrasound Photos

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The time between when you find out you’re pregnant and the birth of your baby is unlike any other.

This mom came up with a way to turn an ultrasound photo into a keepsake you’ll cherish forever. Veselka Bulkan turns ultrasound photos into embroideries, and they’re unique and adorable, just like babies are.

What started out as a special way for Bulkan and her husband to celebrate their own baby girl has turned into a lucrative business because there are plenty of expectant mommies that are longing to have something as special as these tiny embroideries.

According to the “About” page on Bulkan’s website, she used her own embroidery to announce her pregnancy:

“When I became pregnant at the beginning of the last year, I made an embroidery from my baby’s ultrasound at which I looked every day during this season of my life while imagining how she will look like, and a keepsake of these beautiful days as well,” she wrote.

The embroideries are lovely works of art that would make great baby shower gifts, pregnancy announcements or nursery decor. So, whether you’re pregnant or know someone who is, this is great for all those preparing to expand their family.

The website states that Bulkan isn’t accepting orders at this time.

It’s important to note that these can take up to a month to create and that all ultrasound photos won’t translate well into an embroidery because there’s a lot to consider with the process.

Bulkan told PopSugar, “The posture of the baby is a factor. Some photos are close up to the face, some are not. The contours on the head are pretty different in each in terms of abstraction of details. The textures of the scan and the ratio of black and white areas are also a difficulty factor,” she said. “Some of the ultrasounds are so blurred and abstract. Their textures are not so clear so that the result would not be good at all. Three-dimensional ultrasounds are also not applicable.”

The best way to see if your baby’s photo will work is to email Bulkan a copy so she can let you know. Her ultrasound embroideries cost $300.

This definitely isn’t the only way you can make your ultrasound photo a little more special, however. On Etsy, you’ll find several ways to customize a very special ultrasound gift. For instance, you can get your ultrasound photo printed on canvas:

Etsy | OCCanvasStudio

This option will run you $40-$142, depending on canvas size.

You can also turn your ultrasound into a precious little watercolor painting, thanks to the babyblueprint Etsy shop.

Etsy | babyblueprint

This option will cost $55-$95.

And here’s another really unique but temporary option. How about, the next time you’re at the salon, having your manicurist put your ultrasound image on your fingernails? Yep, this is a thing. This Instagram post from @salongrecreate shows one way this can be done:

And if you’re crafty yourself, you can always DIY something incredible, such as a painting or a shadow box frame to hold memories from your pregnancy. The Baby Chick website has a great tutorial for how to create a very special shadow box for your baby.


Getting crafty can make getting an ultrasound photo all the more exciting and special. But, no matter how you commemorate this moment, nothing’s better than knowing a little bundle of joy is on the way. Congratulations!