This mom made a spooky version of Elf on the Shelf for Halloween

The Elf on the Shelf has become a tradition for many families during the Christmas season. Now, one mom has decided to put a spooky spin on the concept for Halloween, and it looks like a lot of fun.

Natasha Hudarovich created “Doll in the Hall,” in which she moves a creepy porcelain doll to different spots throughout the house during the month of October leading up to Halloween.

Hudarovich explained her idea on Facebook, and said that by the third day of this game, her kids were ready to move. Check it out:

“For an extra festive touch I put the doll right in bed with one of the kids whenever they throw it in the trash,” Hudarovich wrote in her post.

Can you imagine waking up to see this doll at the foot of your bed?

Wow! That is one wickedly hilarious mom. People think Hudarovich’s little prank is pretty awesome, and her post has now been shared nearly 270,000 times. Although Hudarovich’s kids are thoroughly creeped out by the Doll in the Hall, it was actually her daughter Adele’s penchant for porcelain dolls that inspired the devilish mom to come up with the idea in the first place.

“My daughter collects porcelain dolls, but not in the same way that most children do,” Hudarovich told CafeMom. “She calls them ‘creepy dolls.’ This one just creeped her out too much and she tried to get rid of it. I saw the opportunity to prank her and I took it! She pranks me every day and I finally got back at her.”

We’d say she nailed it! Although Adele and her brother, Knox, are a little spooked, Hudarovich insists that they’re also having a lot of fun with the whole thing.

“They’re into creepy things, Halloween, zombies, scary stories so they’re very entertained by it, and very excited to have their own story to tell,” she said.

Would you consider starting a Doll in the Hall tradition at your house?