This mom turns ultrasound pictures into art

Sonograms offer a special first glimpse of the brand-new life growing inside. Still, those tiny black and white snapshots barely resemble a growing baby. So as special as they may be, it can be hard to feel a connection to those fuzzy lines.

Disappointed by her own sonogram images, one mom in Ireland felt a stroke of inspiration and ran with it. Laura Steerman took the grainy black-and-white snaps from her prenatal appointments and transformed them into multi-colored works of art.

“I began by painting my own daughter’s scans after several reduced movement scares,” she told POPSUGAR. After the blurry sonograms didn’t live up to her expectations, she sat down at her kitchen table with her paints. What she created was nothing shy of a masterpiece, and definitely earned a spot on the wall in her home.

Once friends noticed her prowess with a paintbrush, Steerman turned her hobby into a business: QuaintBaby Bespoke Ultrasound Art. She highlights characteristics of the pregnancy and captures the baby’s personality with each sonogram she paints. As a result, she varies her style and colors for every painting.

“Like each baby’s personality and fingerprints, every pregnancy, fetus and baby are entirely unique,” Steerman shares on her website.

Similarly, Steerman has expanded her paintings beyond ultrasound images. Now, she also turns heartbeat sound waves into works of art:

Steerman has also included more of the mama in other paintings. For example, this swirly painting zooms out a bit to include both the mom-to-be and growing baby:

Clearly, the artistic talent runs in the family. Steerman shared this cute image of her daughter’s painting project. She may have gone a bit outside the lines, but her bright colors are right on point:

You can commission a bespoke piece to commemorate your own pregnancy, or commission a piece for a friend. Additionally, Steerman offers gift vouchers. And whether it’s a gift for someone else, or a gift for yourself, you can include special requests and info about personalities to aid in Steerman’s creative process.

Her works range from 50 to 280 euros ($62 to $347), plus shipping, and they’re worth every penny. However, Steerman’s talents are in high demand, and there’s a 25-week waiting list.

Still, whoever receives one of these will cherish it for a lifetime.