This mom’s funny video about the school drop-off line is going viral


Back-to-school time is officially in full swing, which means your social media feeds are probably being inundated with adorable and sometimes-hilarious back-to-school photos. This time of year means that kids are back in the classroom, but they’re not the only ones. Lots of parents are headed back to school as well — to drop off and pick up their kids, that is.

If you’ve ever encountered the modern-day school drop-off line, you know it’s filled with unique challenges that can also be pretty darn funny. Comedian and author Susannah B. Lewis created a hilarious video about the experience entitled “Drop off woes for my moms who clearly aren’t morning people,” and it’s gone viral since she posted it to Facebook about three weeks ago, racking up more than 12 million views.

Check it out:

In the video, Lewis narrates the many frustrations and questions parents in the drop-off line experience, from wondering why the line seems to be moving at a snail’s pace to being jealous of the “over-achiever” moms who appear to have managed to fit in a workout and a shower before arriving at school.

Lewis first gained the attention of the internet with her  2016 viral video that compared moms dropping kids off at kindergarten for the first time to moms of older kids:

She has since gained a massive following online (1.2 million people follow her Facebook page), and she is also a published author, having penned a number of books, as well as articles, for outlets such as Reader’s Digest and Huffington Post.

Whoa! Susannah

Lewis says she’s glad that her relatable content strikes a nerve with her fellow parents.

“And people will just come up to me and just cry, you know, ‘Whatever you wrote here really resonated with me,’ and I really appreciate that, and it is such a blessing,” she told WBBJ last year. “Like going back to when I was 8 and wanting to make people feel something, laugh and cry — I think that’s really been my purpose.”

Here’s a snap of Lewis’ own children headed back to school earlier this month:

If you enjoy Lewis’ particular brand of humor, you might want to pick up a copy of her book “Suspicion on Sugar Creek,” which is described as a “witty mystery” with “humorous rhetoric.”

Woah! Susannah

Can you relate to those preschool drop-off woes?

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