This mom’s maternity shoot at Target is hilarious and perfect

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Every maternity photo shoot is unique because each and every mom-to-be is special. But this one really takes the cake in terms of creativity. Heather Pippin captured her friend Page Miller on camera living her best life because—yes, that’s right—these two held Miller’s maternity photo shoot at their local Target.

There’s something inexplicable about Target’s allure, and plenty of people, especially women, find themselves spending hours scouring the aisles, leaving with much, much more than they actually intended to buy. And clearly, it happens to the best of us, because Miller has perfectly summed up what it’s like to be “Pregnant AF” at Target—cheese puffs and all.

Pippin and Miller are friends, and they both happen to be photographers. Pippin is in charge of Inspired By A True Story Photography while Miller is with P&T Photography. So these two had a lot of fun coming together with their creative visions and love of Target to make this one incredibly epic photo shoot.

“It’s always a blast to get together with other photogs and bring our creative visions to life,” wrote Pippin on Facebook.

The photos showcase Miller and her first child, Avery. Miller can be seen drinking a Starbucks drink while sitting on the display furniture (we’ve all been there), painting her daughter’s nails in the beauty aisle and sitting down right in front of the cereal. If you haven’t done this—you know you’ve at least thought about it.

But to their surprise, fellow Target shoppers didn’t seem to bothered by their photo session because, hey, we all get it, right?

“Surprisingly nobody thought we were too weird except Brad, Page’s husband who would not be seen with us on this day,” Pippin wrote on Facebook.

This maternity shoot was special for another reason, too.

Pippin told Scary Mommy, “A few months back Page’s three month old son Clarke passed away from SIDS,” she said. “We didn’t plan the shoot based off of her being pregnant or baby Clarke, but it has turned into a positive way to really show how tough of a Mom Page is, and I am happy for that!”

Miller’s definitely keeping it real in these photos, showcasing the kind of things every mom can relate to—and it just doesn’t get more perfect than that.

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