This Must-See Video Of A Moose Walking Into A Hospital Is Going Viral

Although “a moose walked into a hospital…” sounds like the beginning of a joke, it’s actually what happened recently when a wild moose wandered into the lobby of an Anchorage medical center.

A worker at the Alaska Regional Hospital recorded footage of the large moose chowing down on some plants in the lobby after walking through an automatic door. A hospital spokesperson said that the door had inadvertently been left open after freezing cold weather caused it to malfunction. Take a look below at the epic footage:

In the video, workers speculate that the moose might be pregnant and agree that it seemed hungry and possibly just wanted something to eat. The greenery near the front of the lobby may have caught the moose’s eye and motivated it to walk in. The moose didn’t cause any injuries or damage and spent around 10 minutes grazing on the plants before leaving, much to the relief of the workers and police on site.

On average, Alaskan moose can grow as tall as seven feet and weigh as much as 1,200 pounds, so a moose in close proximity to people could be a dangerous situation. Thankfully, this moose was calm and only wanted a quick snack.

It wasn’t in a hurry to get back home either. The animal reportedly roamed around the hospital’s parking lot after exiting the lobby.

Moose are the official state animal of Alaska, and it’s not uncommon to see them walking around in the state capital of Anchorage. (There are reportedly about 1,500 that live in the city.) It is unusual for one to walk inside a building. However, considering that the weather that day hovered around zero degrees, we can’t blame the animal for wanting to come inside and warm up for a while, especially when there were such delicious-looking plants in the window.