The whiteboard DeskShield turns the surface of your desk into a dry erase board

If you have a desk job, you know how easily notes and paperwork can pile up around you. And all that clutter just adds to your stress. If this is you, listen up. Evodesk, a powered sit-to-stand desk company, may have a solution. Meet: the whiteboard DeskShield.

The whiteboard DeskShield is a layer of vinyl for your Evodesk that enables you to scribble notes and ideas directly onto its surface and erase them whenever you want. This “second skin” also protects your desk from abrasions, chemicals, UV exposure and general destruction.

Helen Cowdrey/Small Girls PR

Aside from just being fun and helping your creativity, using one of Evodesk’s standing desks, with or without their new whiteboard desktop, actually has health benefits. Standing desks have been proven to enhance productivity and improve mood and energy levels, as well as lower your risk for all sorts of health issues.

For starters, sitting at your desk all day long can increase your risk for weight gain. In fact, a 2005 study actually found that obese people spend at least two more hours each day sitting still than non-obese people, and they also tend to be less fidgety. Slight movement can account for about 350 calories a day, which could add up to 10-30 pounds a year, according to the study. Even just standing up to stretch was found to have an affect on weight gain.

A standing desk could also improve your posture, as you won’t be as inclined to hunch over your computer.

Add those benefits to the fact that you’ll be surrounded by way less clutter (and maybe even some pretty drawings!) and we’re thinking this new desk paired with this new whiteboard desktop sounds pretty amazing.

Helen Cowdrey/Small Girls PR

The whiteboard DeskShield is now available online, starting at $139 (not including the cost of the desk). If you’re not into the whiteboard idea, however, Evodesk has all sorts of skins for your desk, including skins you can personalize with your family photos.