This NFL player took a young fan with Down syndrome to her prom

Last year, Kristi Martin — the mother of Lindsey Preston, a young woman with Down syndrome — reached out to the San Francisco 49ers’ Don Jones to see if he would be willing to take her daughter to prom. Though his schedule with the team prevented him from attending the dance at the time, Jones promised his young fan that, one day, he’d totally take her to prom. “[H]e said he would make sure he was here no matter what” this year, Martin told

And true to his word, when the day of the big dance rolled around this year, he escorted the 18-year-old Preston to prom at at Lawrence County High School in Moulton, Alabama.

How did this magical evening come about? Alabama happens to be the defensive back’s home state and, according to, Jones’ mom is an aide to special needs students at Preston’s high school.

And he definitely came through! The two attended prom together, and not one moment was left out. There was a pre-prom photo session, a limo ride and plenty of dancing!

Here’s Jones giving Preston a gorgeous corsage:

And here they are, all stretched out in the limo:

And the dancing!

“Anything I can do to make some kids smile, I would be more than willing to do,” Jones told WBRC. “I think the most fun was all of the guys, I showed the guys about five or six new dance moves.”

What a very special prom night!