This nurse sang ‘Amazing Grace’ to her patient—and it’s so beautiful

When you’re sick in the hospital, bedside manner can go a long way toward making a patient just a little more comfortable. Nursing technician Mikea Braden is going viral for her above-and-beyond display of compassion. The nursing tech sang “Amazing Grace” at the bedside of her patient, 71-year-old Patsy Tate.

Tate’s granddaughter, Olivia Kilburn, took to Facebook to share a video of the incident and express her gratitude for Braden’s healing presence while her grandmother was under the technician’s care.

“My granny is sick at St. Thomas hospital in Nashville and she has been blessed with the BEST nurse tech,” Kilburn wrote alongside the moving video:

Wow! What a voice! Kilburn’s video now has more than 48,000 views. It also has more than 400 reactions, 342 shares and 65 comments.

Tate, whose heart had been out of rhythm, was released from the hospital as of Feb. 25, so it sounds like Braden’s singing may have been just what the doctor ordered.

“The nurse tech was humming a song and my grandfather said, ‘I bet you know Amazing Grace,'”  Kilburn told Fox 5 of how the impromptu performance started. “And she said, ‘Yeah! I’m gonna sing it for y’all!'”

How sweet! Thanks to all the wonderful nurses and other medical professionals out there who go the extra mile to make their patients smile!