This One Trick Will Keep Guacamole From Browning

I love guacamole. Even though I have to pay extra at Chipotle, every time they ask, “Do you want guac?” I nod my head eagerly and say, “Yes!”

So delicious and nutritious, guac is often served at parties. Unfortunately, it browns so quickly! But why does it brown?

When the protective skin is cut away, the juicy goodness inside is exposed to the air. This releases the brown pigmentation agent called melanoidin and that makes it brown.

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So in theory, if one can keep air off the guac, it’ll stay greener, right?

Dr. Grub has conducted multiple experiments to find the best way to keep your guac green. From lemon juice, to oil, refrigeration, to wrapping with saran wrap and sealing in a tub, the results were all somewhat similar.

Perhaps the best method I’ve seen is from The Kitchn: cover your guacamole in a thin later of water. Wait, what? Yes, H2O.

It’s so simple, but I’m sure you’re asking: How could it be? And won’t my guac get soggy? Here’s how and why it works:

Water is the perfect barrier to air. And because guacamole is more dense than water, it will not absorb the liquid like let’s say, bread or macaroni and cheese. For best results, here’s how The Kitchn recommends to to it:

  1. Put the guacamole into a container with an air tight lid.
  2. Pack and compress the guac firmly into the container with a spoon and push put all air bubbles.
  3. Cover the guacamole with about 1/2 inch water and seal the container.
  4. When ready to eat again, drain water and fluff with a fork or spoon.

Using this method, the guacamole will last 2-3 days.



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