This photo of a newborn baby wearing hair rollers has gone viral

Newborn baby photos are always adorable, but this photo of an infant girl wearing hair rollers took things to a whole new level. We have photographer Jessie Marrero to thank for bringing this amazing photo shoot to life.

She posted a behind-the-scenes video of baby Camila on set with mini curlers on her head, and the video has gone viral with over 6.5 million views as of the time of publication. Check out the cuteness that might just break the internet below:

People are clearly obsessed with this tiny glam diva, and that’s partly because the newborn photo session seems so unique. Apparently, that’s what Marrero is known for: creating individualized photo sessions for parents and their babies.

Here are some of her other shots of angelic babes posed with unique props and backdrops. You’ll notice there are no standard baby-in-a-basket shots here.

Here’s what Marrero told Moneyish about her approach to photographing babies:

“When my daughters (now grown) were born, I took them to Sears and JCPenney, but there was no ‘wow’ factor, which is where social media comes into play today. I take a very unique and artistic approach to my babies, which parents really respond to. They’re not sitting in a waiting area with 10 other screaming children. I’m just there for you and your baby, and we create unbelievable images together, and you immediately want to put them up and share them.”

After baby Camila’s snaps went viral, Marerro has been getting more requests for photo sessions than ever before.

“Since roller baby, the phone hasn’t stopped ringing,” she told Moneyish. I’m getting three times as many appointments.”

And because of the increase in demand, this has been very important for her career.

“This has definitely made a mark in my career, one I will embrace and never forget,” she told Yahoo.

It’ll cost anywhere between $500 to $3,000 to book an appointment with Marrero, depending on just how customized you want your photo session to be.

No matter what price point you choose—photos taken by Marrero will lead to a very special end product. How is she coming up with these unique backdrops and elaborate photo shoots? She says the baby’s personality has a lot to do with it.

This little guy apparently looks like a genius in-the-making! How precious is this baby Einstein?

This tiny sweetheart reminded the photographer of a certain mermaid princess, and not just because of her name!

Here’s another princess that the photographer knew she had to capture in a magical way. This looks like it was taken right out of the pages of a fairy tale!

It looks like Jessica even found baby Superman! He sure looks like a hero!

Jessica also loves to do photos of siblings. There’s something about the brother and/or sister bond that is so special, especially when the children are young. These pictures capture some of those special moments.

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“I read my babies, and I know who’s going to do what—pose in a dreamcatcher, or curl up in a baby bed with dried flowers in their hair, whatever speaks to me,” she told Moneylish.

So, did little Camila look like she was destined for a glamorous life? You bet—and the photos totally capture that.