This Photographer Made An Entire Coffee Table Book Filled With Cats ‘high’ On Catnip

We can't get over how adorable these cat photos are!

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Cats are known to go cuckoo for catnip. But until now, this adorably funny phenomenon has not gotten the attention it deserves.

Enter photographer Andrew Marttila. One day Marttila noticed his roommate’s cat Grendel striking the funniest poses and making the cutest faces while “high” on catnip. This gave him an idea.

Marttila began photographing his roommate’s kitty, and the pictures were so epic he knew he needed to find other kitty models. And so armed, with nothing other than a bunch of catnip and a camera, Marttila set out to make the world’s first coffee book featuring cats high on catnip. And of course, none other than his original inspiration, Grendel, made the cover:

How cute! Every cat lover is going to want a copy of this coffee table gem. Here’s another catnip photo from Marttel’s Instagram feed:

Great news! The winners (yes, plural) have been chosen and confirmed for the CATS ON CATNIP pre-order sweepstakes. 🌱 Since the main winner doesn’t actually have a cat (we can blame her allergic roommates), I’m going to photograph her dog instead. – But wait, I thought this was about cats?! You’re damn right it is. So I randomly selected another entry in her city (Phoenix) and have confirmed with the other person. She does indeed have two beautiful cats! We’re all set for shoots later this year after Hannah and I move. 🙌🏻 Thanks so much to everyone who entered and made this such a successful pre-order campaign. I can’t wait to go to Phoenix, AZ later this year and take some photos! 🌿🌿🌿🌿

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And we’re loving the look on this cat’s face:

Marttila doesn’t just love to photograph kitties. He also devotes time to helping cats in need. He fosters homeless cats and helps to socialize them, even going so far as to keep his facial hair specifically for the cats’ pleasure. As he explains below, “And this is why I’ll never be clean shaven. Beards mimic their mom’s tongue!”

Who knew?

Martilla says he gets his love of animals from his father, saying, “He’s probably the reason why I have such a big heart for animals. Some of my favorite memories are watching “nature shows” with him and my sister as a kid.”

How sweet.

This is not the first time Marttila has found the funny in cats. His first book, “Shop Cats of New York,” is a play on the humorous and inspirational Humans of New York, a photoblog and book that captures the spirit and humanity of New Yorkers.

Marttila, along with author and cat blogger Tamar Arslanian, put their own spin on this idea by photographing “shop cats,” the cats who live in some of New York’s most infamous landmarks and places of interest.

“Cats on Catnip” is available in hardcover on Amazon for $13.64, or you can get a Kindle version for $9.99.