This photographer takes the most incredible pictures of babies with special needs

Photographer Angela Forker believes that every baby is precious, and this belief shines through in the beautiful images she creates. Using fabric, wire and other materials, Forker constructs breathtaking backdrops for photos of babies with serious medical conditions.

“It is my desire to spread hope and raise awareness for babies with special needs as I take stunning and/or fun photos of babies with various medical needs,” she writes on her site. “I want to show the world that every baby is precious.”

The images that result remind us that anything is possible, and that’s precisely the point. They showcase babies doing “impossible” things, such as being astronauts in outer space, taking on the world as superheroes and more. You can see examples of her work on the Precious Baby: Newborn Photography Facebook page. Just take a look at this adorable little astronaut:

This serene underwater scene is perfect for this cute mermaid:

This superhero can do whatever she sets her mind to!

These photos make up what Forker calls the Precious Baby Project, which reportedly involves conceiving the idea for the shoot’s theme, 20 hours of prep work and then a photo shoot — free of charge for parents and their little ones. Through this effort, she hopes to normalize babies of all types.

“I set out to show the world that every baby is beautiful and worthy of our love,” she told PopSugar.

According to the photographer’s website, any baby with a serious medical condition can participate. The parents have to be in the New Haven, Indiana, area or willing to travel there for the photo shoot. There are several other guidelines that must be met. For one, your baby must be able to lie on their backs for 15–30 minutes for the shoot. All of the details are laid out on The Precious Baby Photography website.

Forker isn’t the only artist working to normalize medical conditions for babies. For example, Paula Strawn, a Washington-based artist, paints medical helmets and turns them into works of art. According to her Facebook page, Strawn has been helmet-painting for 14 years and has created over 3,000 designs, including crowns, ski goggles and so much more.

Check it out. Goggles are a must for this little driver:

This baby’s ready to hit the slopes!

Only a crown will do for a true princess:

Helmet designs cost between $200–$350, and all it takes is an email to Strawn to start the process!

These artists are working to make babies and parents feel extra special. So, parents — what do you think? Ready to get some custom artwork for your baby?