This Pro Baseball Player Quietly Delivered Food To Homeless People After Winning A World Series Game

Mookie Betts was on top of the world after winning Game 2 of the World Series vs. the Los Angeles Dodgers on Oct. 24. Instead of going out and celebrating, though, the Boston Red Sox outfielder reportedly decided to pay it forward by volunteering to help serve food to homeless people at Boston Public Library.

Mike Winter, a VIP host for area clubs, spotted Betts with trays of food to distribute to people lining up at about 1:45 a.m., just hours after that night’s game.

“I didn’t know who they were at first,” Winter told WEEI Sports Radio Network of when he first saw Betts and his cousin. “Next thing I know they are laying out trays of food. Then they’re walking around all of Boston Library where there are tons of homeless and telling people there is food around the corner. I walked up and I said, ‘Hello,’ because we have a mutual friend and then all the people from the club came out and he just walked away. No pictures. No nothing. None of the homeless even knew who he was but they were just grateful for what he was doing.”

Winter was so impressed with Betts’ selfless act and his humility as well.

“Nowadays people do stuff because they want recognition,” he added. “(Betts) didn’t even want recognition. He wasn’t being followed by cameras like people do on Instagram. This is just him being himself.”

WEEI host Lou Merloni shared a photo of the scene that appears to come from Winter’s Instagram stories on Twitter:

“Little birdie told me an amazing story,” he wrote. “This was the scene last night around 1am out in front of the Boston Library. Trays and trays of food fed the homeless. The man that delivered the food wasn’t looking for attention or praise BUT deserves it. God Bless you Mookie Betts.”

This is not the first time that Betts has served the homeless. In 2015, he and Rex Sox catcher Blake Swihart bought pizza for homeless people in New York City.

What a guy!