This prom couple got photobombed by zombies near the set of ‘The Walking Dead’

Your prom photo shoot is always memorable. But when it also happens to be the foreground of a post-apocalyptic zombie scene, it’s totally unforgettable. Two teens, Ethan and Leah, were photobombed by zombies while snapping prom pictures near the set of “The Walking Dead.” — and the photos they have to show for it are pretty epic.

Photographer Stephanie Smith chose the town of Senoia, Georgia, near the teens’ Fayetteville High School, as the beautiful backdrop for the photo shoot because of the town’s idyllic scenery. Senoia also happens to be the town where the AMC’s TV series “The Walking Dead” is filmed. But this didn’t factor in to why they chose this location for the photos — the zombie-themed photoshoot wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

“Senoia’s a really popular place to take photos because it’s a pretty, almost Victorian-like town,” photographer Stephanie Smith told “Good Morning America.” “I was actually trying not to get the [‘Walking Dead’] set in there because we wanted a pretty background.”

But, before they knew it, 15-20 zombies began to creep up on the teens as they smiled for photos. Smith said that these weren’t zombies from the actual TV show. Instead, the “undead” actors were working as part of the many tourist attractions that have shown up since the popular show began filming in the town.

Regardless, the zombies were committed to their roles.

“They were totally in character,” Smith told People magazine. And they even circled back a couple of times just to be extra sure Smith captured the shot.

“They circled back around [a second time] and we were like, ‘Okay, we get it,’” Smith told “Good Morning America.”

And the photos, which Smith posted to her Facebook page, are hilariously creepy.

“This is what happens when you try to take your prom photos next to ‘The Walking Dead’ set,” the photographer captioned a post with multiple images from the unique experience. They included this one:

The zombies clearly knew exactly what they were doing when it comes to getting into the shot:

While this wasn’t necessarily what the group had in mind for the prom shoot, they didn’t let the zombies ruin the moment.

“I thought it was funny so I just kept shooting,” Smith told Inside Edition. “We all kind of laughed and were a little creeped out but went on about our shoot.”

Leah and her family loved the results of the photos so much, that they’ve reached out to the photographer to shoot their daughter’s senior photos, too.

“I think we will have to do something zombie-related since this was so popular,” Smith said to Inside Edition.

These teens will surely have lasting memories from their prom, and they’ve got the perfectly creepy photos to match the hilarious story of their special prom night. What more could a “Walking Dead” fan ask for?

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