This Old-Fashioned Nougat Recipe Will Make You Super Nostalgic

The holidays are always a time when we tend to feel nostalgic and sentimental. Forget new food trends and cutting-edge recipes — we crave the classics, the comfort food we grew up eating at grandma’s house while the holiday music played and the tree twinkled brightly in the window.

No wonder this retro nougat recipe is making a comeback.’s popular nougat recipe (which comes from blogger Vicki Suddaby) will have you reminiscing about holidays of yore as you share this vintage recipe with new generations.

The recipe calls for mini marshmallows, white chocolate chips and gumdrops. Just microwave, mix and let cool. Super easy!

While it’s convenient to have a quick version of nougat, this old-fashioned candy is traditionally made with beaten egg whites and sugar, along with honey, nuts, candy, dried fruit or other ingredients. Historians estimate that nougat has been around since the 15th century.


If you’re from the South, you might be better acquainted with divinity candy, which is a nougat-like meringue candy that’s traditionally associated with the holiday season.

Over at House of Nash Eats, blogger Amy shares a recipe for old-fashioned divinity candy that is sure to spark holiday nostalgia. While the ingredients are simple, the process is not — but it yields the beautiful results shown on her blog!

Amy makes her divinity candy the old-fashioned way — which is to say, with a hand mixer and plenty of patience and elbow grease. It’s not a quick process, but you really can’t rush it or you will wind up with sticky glop on your hands rather than sweet, glossy divinity candy. But, like all good old-fashioned things, it’s worth the extra effort. If you’re looking for some tips, she offers some helpful advice for making it yourself.

For mix-ins, you can personalize your divinity candy with whatever you desire. For example, instead of nuts, you might substitute chopped-up peppermint candy and bits of dark chocolate, or maybe chocolate-covered cranberries. You can also try using maple extract and chopped pecans for maple pecan divinity candy.


This sweet, simple recipe would make for a perfect holiday gift, especially for those of older generations who fondly remember when their grandma would make nougat or divinity candy around Christmas. Just make sure you save some for yourself to enjoy, too!