This Rocking Chair and Hammock Combo Is The Ultimate Relaxation Seat

For all those who love the calmness of a rocking chair as well as the relaxation of sitting in a hammock, then this new invention by three students at Maeer’s MIT Institute of Design is for you.

Harshita Murudkar, Shivani Gulati, and Mehak Philip created the Zoloka, a hammock-rocking chair hybrid that’s designed for both indoor and outdoor use.  As part of a school project, they came up with the idea, designed, and built the concept in just two weeks.

Murudkar told mental_floss, “As a part of our Open Electives course on weaving, we had the freedom to create anything that involved weaving.” The chair can support about 176 pounds and is large enough to hold one person cuddled up in the hammock.

Based upon the picture, it may need to be a little bigger so a large adult can comfortably lie down . But, not a bad start for just a two-week project. I could see one of these fitting nicely in my backyard and perfect for a mid-afternoon nap.

There is no indication yet if the trio is going to produce the Zoloka for mass distribution. Would you buy one? Share your thoughts with us on our Facebook page.