This school’s K9 Resource Officer has the biggest smile in her school yearbook photo

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The Bryant High School yearbook is full of smiling faces, but one stands out more than the rest. Bryant Police Department K-9 Officer Mya Tarvin may be a dog, but that didn’t stop her from earning a spot in the staff section of the Arkansas school’s yearbook.

Mya, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, is trained in narcotics, tracking and article recovers and works in the school with her handler Sgt. Paul Tarvin.

“If we could deter kids from bringing drugs to school, that’s our biggest goal,” Paul Tarvin told ABC News.

Check out her adorable mug pictured in the yearbook, as posted on the Bryant Police Department’s Facebook page:

“So it looks like one of Bryant PD’s finest School Resource Officers made the Hornet Yearbook this year,” reads the caption. “Good job Mya, you are representing the PD with pride…Hornet Pride!!!”

How sweet! Mya grabbed a lot of attention on Facebook, where the post has more than 1,000 reactions, more than 700 shares and nearly 200 comments.

“She’s smiling! Such a proud girl great job Mya, stay safe,” wrote Facebook user Jo Reyes.

“My son wanted to show me his ‘favorite staff member’ when he brought his yearbook home!! I think this is great!!” wrote parent Nikole Jackson.

Over on her Instagram page, Mya has more than 1,700 followers. Here she is at her official swearing-in ceremony for the department back in September 2018:

And here she is enjoying her time off the clock by playing fetch:

She even has her own school ID badge:

What a good girl!

Mya is not the only canine to make it into a school yearbook. Rowdy, a service dog for Daegan, a student at M.J. Kaufman Elementary School in Lake Charles, Louisiana, donned a bowtie for his photo in the yearbook. Check him out in this photo posted to Twitter by school photographer Jill Engel:

How cute! Here’s to all the doggos out there who help out at schools around the country and look adorable doing it!

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