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This Sleek Pop-Up Outlet Lets You Plug In Three Cords At Once

And when you're not using it, you can hide it!

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Whether you’re looking to baby-proof your home or just upgrade your current charging situation, we’ve found the solution: sleek pop-out outlets that not only allow you to plug in three items at once, but also can be easily hidden when you’re not using them. Intriguing, right?

The outlets in question are created by Legrand, and are available on their website as well as on Amazon, where you can find them for  $49.98 per outlet. Check out their minimalist design:


By simply pressing the center of the device, you reveal three different outlets, all without the ugliness of your average power strip. When you no longer need the outlet, you can push it in so that it rests flush with the wall again. Pretty cool, huh?


There are two color options to choose from: a dark “Magnesium” or “White.”

Based on the reviews, people love how functional these are, and how great they look in the home.

“They look great when closed (when nothing is plugged in) and function well when popped opened. I used these on the sides of a kitchen island where the electrical code requires you to have outlets, but you hate to see them. The also look great in a bathroom,” one customer wrote on Amazon.

The reviewer also mentioned, however, that the outlet did not work with a standard electrical box. “This outlet requires a very deep workbox,” they wrote. “This outlet will not fit into a standard electrical box found in most homes, especially older homes. If you are building or remodelling [sic], you can plan for these devices.”

Good to know!

But if you’re interested in adding a bit of functionality and a lot of style to your home interior, these outlets are certainly worth looking into. Here’s the outlet in action: